Journal of Management and Information Science

Journal of Management and Information Science (JMISCI)

(Formerly, Journal of Military and Information Science)


The Journal is established to keep you informed about recent studies in management and information science. JMISCI is an academic, peer-reviewed publication devoted to information science. The Journal is a quarterly published journal and operates an online submission and peer review system allowing authors to submit articles online and track their progress via its online website

The coverage of JMISCI includes the following topics, but not limited to:

Management and Information science ,

Industrial Engineering Topics; Military Information Science;

Decision Science, Decision Making ;

Artificial Intelligence Studies;

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Lasers, Combat robot technologies;

Recent Politics, Theory, Trends, Technologies, and Applications in Engineering and Information Science;

Risk Analysis, Modelling, Evaluation and Management; Logistics, Optimization;

Statistical Studies; Security Weaknesses on Combat Information and Communication;

Critical Information and Infrastructure Security; Information Standards and Policies; Recent studies on NATO topics

Mobile Communication and Applications; Information technologies for education, Officers education;

Future Directions and Challenges in Engineering and Studies; Networks Designed for Combats;


Leadership and Strategy;

Multiple Criteria Evaluation: Utility Assessment Models and Methods;

Linear Optimization; Discrete Optimization;

Nonlinear Optimization; Man Machine Information and Control Systems ;

Research Techniques in Human Engineering, Combat Logistics, Quality Engineering

Industrial Economics; Strategic Planning; Heuristic Search;

Advanced Topics in Facility Layout and Location

Logistic Systems Engineering; Topics in Modern Manufacturing;

Methodology of Fatigue Assessment;

Ergonomics Topics; Statistical Applications in Engineering;

Total Quality Management; Forecasting, Forecasting Applications;

Multicriteria Decision Making; Project Scheduling

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