Here’s What a Smart Museum Could Look Like

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Reinventing museums through IoT could transform the way we experience art. It could also inspire entirely new business models for future museums. Are you ready to visit a smart museum?

The rapid rise of technology in real estate brings along a stream of valuable new opportunities to building owners. The results from the first wave of pilots are now demonstrating the value of upcoming technologies in optimizing building performance, enhancing the user experience, and realizing cost efficiencies. Widespread adoption is about to take off.

Up until now, use cases have mainly revolved around commercial real estate, with shopping centers and office buildings leading the way. The use of new technologies within non-commercial (or semi-commercial) real estate, however, still is a virtually unexplored territory. With technologies becoming more and more accessible by the day, both technically and financially, it is time to start exploring how these could add value to the next frontier of smart building adopters.

To illustrate this exploration and the possible value that lies within, I will describe how making a museum ‘smart’ could positively enhance a museum’s way of conducting business, boost visitor experience, and perhaps even increase its impact on society.

First, I will start by briefly describing how museums generally handle business. It is important to know the workings of any company before one can identify how the application of technology can make a meaningful impact; we want to go beyond gimmicks.

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