University of Tennessee Libraries Collection Strategist


The Collection Strategist plays a key role in developing and implementing a holistic collection development strategy, ensuring the continuing excellence of the world-class collection at the heart of UT Libraries’ mission. This position reports to the Head of Assessment Programs and Collection Strategy, and has the support of a small, dynamic team in this department. The Collection Strategist provides matrix leadership throughout the organization, working closely with subject librarians, personnel in other Library departments, and with partners on campus and elsewhere, providing strong leadership and strategic focus in developing and managing outstanding collections.

Guiding evidence-based collection development and management decision making, the Strategist designs assessment strategies and analyzes quantitative and qualitative data to inform and substantiate the strategic allocation of the Library’s collections budget, as well as decision processes for the selection and management of content, including print, digital, media, data, and other emergent formats. The Strategist monitors local, system-wide, and vendor provided reports to identify collection related trends and patterns. The Strategist participates and represents the Library in system-wide initiatives or on national level projects. In collaboration with subject librarians, the Collection Strategist develops frameworks and leads the coordination of evidence-based content acquisition, management, and assessment regardless of format or delivery platform. In coordination with personnel in Acquisitions and Continuing Resources and in the Business Office, the Strategist contributes to budget planning, and to the oversight of funding allocations, and monographic approval plans. The strategist consults as needed with personnel in Collection Logistics on print storage and disposition decisions.

Additional information about this position and the UT community is available at

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